Shi Kefeng's Spring Action - Entering Taixing

Live up to the good times of spring, April is full of busy spring plowing. Just after the end of wheat top dressing, General Manager Lu Jinggao, General Agent of Shikefeng Jiangsu Taixing, convened a rice bottom fertilizer exchange meeting with Taixing family farm clients on April 14th at the New Tianhong Business Hotel to help users seize market opportunities in the current complex industry environment.
Mr. Lu deeply welcomed and thanked the guests present at the meeting, and affirmed the good performance of Shi Kefeng Fertilizer in the Taixing market. At the same time, a plan was made for the 2023 rice season market, calling on everyone to work together, cooperate for win-win results, and jointly expand and strengthen the market.
At the meeting, Li Chenglong, a teacher of Shi Kefeng Agrochemical, shared the company's development history, current situation and future planning, product characteristics and principles of action, and gave a detailed explanation on the main long-term fertilizer varieties promoted in the rice season. This has given new and old customers a deeper understanding of the company and its products, enhancing their trust in fertilizers and their enthusiasm for purchasing them!
Jiangsu Regional Director Yang Baoshan, based on the current industry situation, provides training to customers through video and case studies to help them improve their ability to identify fake fertilizers, increase their vigilance, and avoid being deceived by unscrupulous merchants; At the same time, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current market situation, enabling customers to feel at ease and be confident.
Shi Kefeng's gold medal lecturer, Liu Xianhui, passionately and humorously interpreted the policies of this conference, helping customers choose long-term ecological fertilizers that are cost-effective and meet their own needs.
Finally, the ordering process was carried out in an orderly manner with the joint efforts of the Jiangsu team members. Customers happily brought home the prize while purchasing their desired fertilizer. The customer who won the big prize said, "Shikefeng is a true fertilizer, use it with peace of mind. Today is a day of full harvest, thank you Shikefeng, and we will continue to choose Shikefeng fertilizer in the future