Gentle Breeze in Good Season, Planting Trees and Adding Green at the Right Time - Shi Kefeng Launches the 2023 Tree Planting Day Seedling Replenishment Activity

The spring breeze drives green leaves and planting trees is just the right time.   On the occasion of the 45th National Arbor Day, Shi Kefeng launched the 2023 Arbor Day seedling planting and replenishment activities to further improve the company's greening level and increase the coverage of green vegetation. The theme of this year's Shi Kefeng Arbor Festival is: "Holding hands with Shi Kefeng, we add greenery to the world, and we add nutrition to green trees.
At 8:30 am, nearly 70 employees of Shi Kefeng gathered in front of the office building to participate in the 2023 Shi Kefeng Seedling and Replenishment Activities. At the event site, all employees were full of spirit and enthusiasm, shouting the slogan of this year's Arbor Day together. They walked neatly to the tree planting and seedling repair site.
At the tree planting site, everyone was full of energy, holding a shovel in hand, digging a hole to plant seedlings, shoveling soil into the hole, and consolidating new soil. Everyone worked in groups of three or five, with a clear division of labor for leading, pushing, pulling, and planting seedlings. They cooperated well and planted one new seedling after another.
With the joint efforts of everyone, over 5000 small cypresses have been deeply rooted in the hopeful soil of Shi Kefeng, standing proudly in the wind and showcasing vitality in the warm sun.
This Arbor Day activity has added greenery to Shi Kefeng's factory area and made everyone feel the arrival of spring. Spring is a season full of vitality and is also the peak season for Shi Kefeng's production. We must anchor the bottom line of green development, ensure carbon reduction and efficiency improvement in two steps, and continue to provide good and genuine fertilizers for the development of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers!