Leadership Message

About us

We have been creating a great career with the wind and rain, and we have been singing to raise the voice of the camp. With the infinite love, support and encouragement of friends from all walks of life, Schofield has been surpassing itself, moving towards maturity and glory. Over the past fifteen years, Schofield has developed from a loss-making enterprise to a key enterprise group of Shandong government with 4 billion assets and more than 4,000 employees, and set up a unique landscape on the land of Qilu by making great efforts and striving for success. Based in Linyi, serving China and connecting with the world, Schofield Group adheres to the business management philosophy of "customer-oriented, credibility-based, product-oriented, quality-based and service-guaranteed", and casts Xianglong's product reputation and corporate image with its efforts and sweat.
The nine skies are high enough for us to soar, and the sea of business has become a huge dragon. In a harmonious world, challenges and business opportunities coexist, and the survival of enterprises is based on innovation; the times have changed, competition and competition contracts exist, and the development of enterprises is due to win-win situation. With the spirit of "honesty, dedication, truthfulness and innovation", the people of Schoenstatt Group will be able to create a brilliant future by keeping pace with the times. Schoenkopf Group has already drawn out and is spreading the blueprint of the second venture. Through competition to promote competition and cooperation, we will continue to conduct high-end dialogue and strong cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutes and service institutions, promote the upgrading of the Group's industrial structure, and gradually enter into capital operation and technology intensive industries; complete the transformation of the enterprise within three years, and build Schofield into a large enterprise group with prominent leading industries, with an annual output value of 6 billion yuan; own or hold two to three listed companies within five years, with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan. Within five years, we will own or hold two to three listed companies, and the annual output value will reach 10 billion yuan. The sea is vast and broad, and the mountain is mellow and loving through the vicissitudes. The people of Shikofeng are building a giant enterprise with everlasting foundation and rapid development with the thickness of the mountain, the breadth of the sea, the quality of honesty and pragmatism, the style of dedication and innovation, and the spirit of pursuing excellence and achieving leap-forward development. The new Schoenkopf Group is willing to cooperate with people from all over the world to embrace a bright and beautiful tomorrow together!