Chasing after each other, promoting production, working together to ensure quality - A report on the February 2023 Product Quality Analysis Conference of Shikefeng Manufacturing Center

According to the regulations of standardized operations and the requirements of the manufacturing center, taking advantage of the "3.15 Consumer Rights Day" and adhering to the quality concept of "we only produce real fertilizers", the Shikefeng Manufacturing Center held a product quality meeting for February 2023 on March 10, 2023. The attendees included General Manager Meng Fanling of the Manufacturing Center, General Manager Meng, Director Xiao of the Production Technology Department, directors of various composite fertilizer workshops, all personnel of the Production Technology Department, team leaders of the composite fertilizer workshop, and personnel in the anti fouling agent position.
In work, it is necessary to constantly summarize experience, be good at using numbers to find shortcomings, draw on good experiences from different workshop teams, avoid risks, and reduce or even avoid unnecessary mistakes. Firstly, Vice Minister of Production Technology Zheng Jianguo announced the production capacity, qualification rate, moisture control, and process assessment of each composite fertilizer workshop. At the same time, he analyzed the problems found in daily process inspections and comprehensive inspections, and published the quality ranking results. He praised the outstanding stable fertilizer workshop and double drying workshop teams and called on all workshop teams to learn from them, At the same time, requirements are put forward for the lower ranked teams, encouraging them to further improve their product qualification rate and nutrient zero baseline control level, encouraging them to catch up, catch up, improve the quality of team products, and strive to achieve further breakthroughs in product internal and external quality.
Next, Director Xiao of the Production Technology Department reported and analyzed the precise control of nutrients in each compound fertilizer workshop, and compared it with the zero baseline control of nutrients in the same period of 2022. He provided a detailed analysis of the zero baseline control of nutrients in each team, pointed out the performance of each team, praised the excellent performance of the stable fertilizer line 3 and the double drying workshop, and hoped that the relatively backward teams would strive to catch up, Improve the level of product nutrient control.
Adhering to the attitude of common learning and progress, producers of Shikefeng never forget to share good work experience and management methods, gathering the wisdom of all Shikefeng people and making progress together. The second item of the meeting was shared by the directors of the top two stable fertilizer workshops and double drying workshops in terms of quality, as well as outstanding class monitor representatives. They shared their experiences and insights on the use of raw materials, control of raw material weight, correspondence between internal and external materials, addition of returned materials, control of operational indicators, control of shift handover indicators, and control of packaging finished products, providing good reference for quality improvement work in various workshops.
Finally, General Manager Meng of the Manufacturing Center evaluated and affirmed the achievements of each workshop in product quality, and made detailed arrangements for the next step of quality work. Mr. Meng requires everyone to: 1. Request the manufacturing center's various compound fertilizer workshops to make further efforts, pay attention to product quality, establish higher quality standards, and complete various production tasks with quality and quantity assurance. 2. At present, there are certain difficulties in the supply of raw materials, especially in the digestion and use of slag slurry. Due to the large fluctuation of slag slurry nutrients and unstable production results, it has brought certain difficulties to our nutrient control. However, we need to face the difficulties and do our best under existing conditions to ensure product quality. 3. In the future, the requirements for product quality control will be stricter, and we will gradually increase the assessment standards for instant samples in the workshop to ensure that every bag or even handful of composite fertilizer particles we produce are qualified, and to achieve standardized control of the entire production process. 4. It is required that the management personnel of each compound fertilizer workshop should "adapt to circumstances and individuals", master the temperament of each employee, and apply them to suitable positions, so that they can fully utilize their strengths. 5. Operators in all positions are required to operate diligently, overcome raw material reasons, achieve precise control of the entire production process, and grasp the "heat" of production in order to stir fry a good dish and produce high-quality compound fertilizer products.