Warmly congratulate Xinjiang Shikefeng on being elected as the President of the Chemical Fertilizer Industry Association of the Second Division by Hu Jingshang

Xinjiang Shikefeng is located in the hinterland of Xinjiang, Tiemenguan, radiating throughout Xinjiang. It is an important strategic planning part of the group company, and an important component of the group's westward and southward expansion, as well as its nationwide layout. At the beginning of construction, all employees in Xinjiang were based on the belief of "rooted, pragmatic, and fast construction, down-to-earth work", and built Xinjiang Shikefeng into a specialized, refined, and special fertilizer production enterprise, contributing Shikefeng's strength to Xinjiang's agricultural development, soil improvement, and other fields. In the two years of enterprise construction, the pioneering and pragmatic spirit of the Xianglong people has been fully demonstrated, playing a significant role in the development of the local economic construction. It has been praised multiple times by the local authorities and is known as the "Shi Kefeng who works and entrepreneurship". Therefore, in the process of preparing to establish the Chemical Fertilizer Association in the Second Division of Tiemenguan, Xinjiang, Shi Kefeng was unanimously elected as the president unit of the "Second Division Chemical Fertilizer Industry Association", and Hu Jingshang, the general manager of the company, was elected as the legal representative of the association, leading the development of Tiemenguan Industrial Park as a model representative unit. This honor is undoubtedly the greatest recognition for Xianglong Group and Xinjiang Shikefeng.
Next, Xinjiang Shikefeng will fully leverage its product advantages, technological advantages, and phosphorus resource advantages, continue to make efforts, and continue to contribute high-quality, efficient, and modern agricultural products to Xinjiang's agriculture. We would like to salute the 30th anniversary of the group!