Gansu Shikefeng Company's Phase II Annual Production of 300000 tons of High Tower Fertilizer Project is about to be put into operation

Behind the finished product warehouse of Gansu Shikefeng Company stands a tower about 127 meters high, and workers are rushing to schedule and accelerate construction.
The annual production of 300000 tons of high tower fertilizer project by Gansu Shikefeng Company started construction in September last year and has now entered the final stage of equipment installation. It is expected to be put into operation in the near future.
Peng Baohua, Director of the Production Department of Gansu Shikefeng Company, told reporters that the characteristics of high tower fertilizer are good water solubility, easy absorption by crops, and the specially made medium and trace elements. The high tower fertilizer produced can have a long-term and stable effect on crop growth period. After years of research and development, Gansu Shikefeng Company has broken through the bottleneck of high tower fertilizer production, mastered the formula and related technologies, and can produce low, medium, and high concentration high tower compound fertilizers to meet the needs of different crops (growth). The company's products have significant competitiveness in the industry.
It is understood that the company's 600000 ton/year new fertilizer project has a total investment of 377 million yuan and covers an area of 117339 square meters. Currently, a 200000 ton/year stable fertilizer production line and a 100000 ton/year water-soluble fertilizer production line have been completed and put into operation in the first phase of the project. A 300000 ton/year high tower fertilizer production line for the second phase of the project is about to be completed and put into operation in the near future. After production, the company will become the largest stable fertilizer research and production base in the northwest region.