Shandong Supply and Marketing Agricultural Service Group Linyi Co., Ltd. was unveiled and established!

On the afternoon of April 7, 2023, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee dispatched 7 doctors from seven enterprises and units, including Lunan Pharmaceutical, Stanley, and Jinluo, to visit and exchange ideas with the group. The group's Party Secretary and Trade Union Chairman Shao Mingsheng, as well as the Group Chairman's Advisor Zhang Yansheng, were received, and Sun Pengchang, the Vice President of the Group's Science and Technology and the Doctor of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau stationed at Xianglong Group, attended the entire process.
At the exchange meeting, Shao Mingsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of the Group, introduced to all the doctors the 30-year entrepreneurial development process, current business status, and future development strategy of Xianglong Group. He also detailed how grassroots party building has played a role in recent years, and how trade union work has supported enterprise production and operation.


Zhang Yansheng, a consultant to the Chairman of the Group, presided over a visit and exchange meeting to comment on Sun Pengchang's understanding of the enterprise, integration into the enterprise, and work progress since he was appointed as the Vice President of Science and Technology at Xianglong Group by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.
The attending doctors will give a presentation on the progress of work in the first quarter based on their respective companies and positions.


After the exchange meeting, Zhang Yansheng, a consultant to the chairman of the group, led all the doctors to visit the gold medal mediation room of the group on site. Based on actual cases, he gave a detailed introduction to the creation, operation, and provincial-level evaluation of the mediation room to all the doctors. After the on-site visit, the attending doctors had a thorough communication and in-depth exchange on how to leverage their scientific and academic advantages, how to fully integrate with enterprise management, and how to transform achievements.